National Museum of the American Indian

headed off to the national museum of the american indian very soon!! i’m so excited to see all of the beautiful exhibits. This is my first time going, and im sure there will be tons of photos on here in a later hour. Today im feeling very alive and vibrant, and feel as if i am slowly but surely evolving from this creative slump i’ve been in. Sure my new rainbow crocheted vest helps a little but…. anyway, in honor of the day, let me just say this friends: Aho Mitakuye Oyasin! My love goes out all over the world to each and every living thing, be it human, animal, plant, or insect, feel it fly, swirl, and dive through the sky and rumble deep throughout the earth! We are all related!!

My baby.

Making of “the ‘marriage’”. An art book project by muah.

Mud cafe <3

Manhattan on fire

Blankets of all colors

The goods ;)

Tomorrows radioshow 2/3/11

Finally! A new radioshow in 2 weeks! Sickness and snow has seriously put a dent in my schedule but the show must on. The show starts at 11am every Thursday. Go to to listen!! Find us on facebook, just search The Sleeping Bird and the Wizard of Oz. Xo sleeping bird oX

Cereal milk white Russians at Momofuku milk bar. Best drink ever period.

Meet Bailey!